a father and son team

Abrigo Fire Protection

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A family matter — The story of the “Birdy Logo.” 


                 When the company name was created, of course, what naturally followed as an important element was a company logo. 

             The co-founders’ younger son, Dain, while studying for his Bachelor’s Degree in Art at Arizona State University, worked for Abrigo Fire Protection. Inc.  part-time and was commissioned to create the logo.

             In an interesting progression, the logo design went from an overcoat (for protection) - to the protection of an umbrella.  Because the company is based in the Phoenix area, it seemed more appropriate for a lightly clad Aztec sort of character, (inspired by a mixture of Quetzalcoatl and the Phoenix) mixed  with blazing fire hair  carrying a lightweight umbrella (with the appearance of a fire sprinkler head) for protection. 

             Dain, now an accomplished artist holding a master’s degree, has appeared in many Phoenix gallery shows and makes his living doing commission paintings and teaching in the Art Departments of Arizona State University and Phoenix College. 

                 To see more of Dain’s unique artwork, go to: